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Computer vision advancements now allow us to automate complex tasks. Get to know some of the most frequent use cases we have worked in involving biometrics.

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Facial recognition

Detect faces and authenticate users using their unique facial landmarks. See if two photographs belong to the same person or not.

You can also do emotion detection to understand if the person is feeling suprised, angry, happy or other.

People or object tracker

Detect and track people (or objects) in videos. Understand their actions and automate tasks such as surveillance.

Popular use cases are: counting people in a venue or event, trigger alarms or follow a moving object with your drone or autonomous vehicle.

Fingerprint recognition

Extract fingerprints minutae & keypoints from images and use Harris and ORB for identifying matching fingerprints. Based on OpenCV and paper 'Fingerprint Image Enhancement: Algorithm and Performance Evaluation', IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,vol. 20, No. 8, August, 1998.

Blink detection

Know if a driver is getting tired or just use facial landmarks as a new input channel to your system when voice or text is not available.

Is someone trying to fool your system with a photograph of someone else? Complement face recongition authentication systems with blink detection as a anti-spoofing mechanism.

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