Implementing cutting-edge solutions using Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot custom solutions

We can help you create a chatbot tailored for your needs. We can help you design and train the chatbot yourself or do the entire development for you.

We can use any platform for this or we can use our own Chatbot Development Framework developed in Golang for doing so. The framework allows us to develop chatbots in minimum time with maximum flexibility and scalability.

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Chatbot Core

We use our own bot development framework to create chatbots in a fast, flexible and scalable way.

Multiple platforms

It currently connects to multiple platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack and it is easily expandible to many more. We also provide a Javascript code to embed a customizable chat widget in any website.

Natural Language Processing

We can use any Natural Language Processing provider. We currently are integrated with Google's, Facebook's, IBM's and Microsoft's solutions.


Chatbot solution can be deployed to any cloud or hosting: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, your own private server or any other solution


We provide a lightweight and scalable solution capable of handling stress tests with minimum hardware requirements

Natural Language Processing

You can choose any NLP provider for the backend, you will be the owner of the service account. We will not add any cost per user interaction.

IBM's Watson

Microsoft's LUIS

Google's Dialogflow

Facebook's WIT


Customer support

Solve customer support with a scalable and 24/7 solution.

Human Resources

Use our solution to automate the onboarding or recruiting process

Back office

Allow your IT team to focus on more complex tasks instead of the daily operations



Sell through different channels using one of the apps already installed in your user's phones


Perform transfers, grant loans and solve inquiries using a fully automated and secure solution

Marketing and sales

Increase sales and reach more customers. Allow your sales team to focus on promising leads only

All integrations

We are a software boutique, focused in developments that leverage artificial intelligence to satisfy our customer's needs.

Facebook Messenger

Reach over 1 billion users


Reach 200 million monthly active users


Whatsapp through Twilio's official API (still in beta)


Allow internal users from your company to contact your chatbot


Reach more than 300 million users


Reach more than 500 million users

API Rest

Connect the solution to your own messaging system, mobile application or website with our API

Chat Widget

Javascript customizable solution for embedding the chatbot in any webpage

Amazon S3 storage

Save user uploaded files using Amazon

Google Maps

Share your store's location or receive the user's one

Send SMS

File upload

File, photo, audio and video upload through different platforms

Google Drive

Share files using Google's solution


Chatbot integration with the most popular CMS


Reach 200 million users


Share payment requests

Google Calendar

Schedule events with your clients automatically

Coming soon

New features coming soon

Web dashboard

Track your metrics and user conversations from any web browser or mobile.

Speech Recognition

Allow your users to speak to you instead of writing


Share files using one of the most popular solutions


New connector


Asia's most popular messaging platform


Authenticate your users

Human in the loop

Use human interaction when needed (and only when needed!)

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