We are a hands-on Machine Learning consulting firm

Using the latest technology, processes and tools, we create custom solutions to find invisible insights and trends within your organization’s data. Differentiate from yourselves from the competition by scaling your business while reducing costs.
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We execute and deliver endtoend state of the art solutions using a wide range of technologies.
From a small MVP (Minimal Viable Product) or POC (proof of concept), to a complete end-to-end solution. Integrating machine learning modules, creating engaging user interfaces, and deploying scalable infrastructure are some key components in creating a successful solution
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We embrace challenges alongside our clients.
We integrate our services seamlessly into your operations by working to meld our processes and methodologies with yours.
Pedidos Ya
Improving product categorization using Natural Language Processing
PedidosYa is part of Delivery Hero and they are the market leader for food delivery in LATAM. They are located in multiple countries in the region and are expanding by buying competitors like Glovo.
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Anticipating the reason and timing of the patient’s next visits by using EHR.
Stanford University’s Emergency Medicine Department from the School of Medicine leads the advancement of emergency medicine through innovation and scientific discovery.
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Building an engine to parse thousands of candidate resumes and recommend them to a job.
Experfy has a pool of specialists who can be recommended for new positions at Deloitte’s clients.
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What our clients say
Santiago Fork
Director of Operations, Celistics
“You can tell that they know what they’re talking about. They have a way of working that went really for us. They work in sprints, where they’d work for two weeks and then give the MVP to us for testing and feedback, and then we’d give it back to them.”
Javier Fradiletti
CTO, Paigo
“We are extremely comfortable with what the outcome of the project was, the level of support during the project, and the ability to adapt to changes during the project but also when transitioning the production support phase.”
Matías Deheza
Managing Director, Pi Data Strategy & Consulting
“They’re very knowledgeable and experienced. Present your vision and let them give their ideas to help you find the best solutions.”
Our specialized engineers focus in 4 main areas of expertise
Use your data to scale and automate your business operations while reducing costs.
We deliver. From end to end.
Training, developing and delivering machine learning models into production is one of the things we do. But we also go one step further by designing, developing and delivering full stack solutions that - if needed- can be integrated to our clients’ existing systems.
Our experience is vast, we have worked with all kinds of organizations: from mid-sized companies to international organizations and corporations in the health, fintech, mining, retail and logistic industries.
Not just technology: state-of-the-art.
We have worked in GAN projects, edge computing and IoT leveraging technologies such as NVIDIA Jetson, deepfake detection, image classification and segmentation, text classification, recommendation engines, chatbots, sales prediction and more.
We help our clients through the entire Machine Learning process, from design and data labeling to training and deploying to production.
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Training, developing and delivering machine learning models into production
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